Imagine World: Chinese eBook for kids (XPUB file)



This ebook is created to use on your Ipad or Tablet at your convenience. Our goal is to help kids learn Chinese in simple and accessible ways possible with the help of parents and modern technology.

This ebook is in XPUB format. Please download PubReader on your iPhone or Android app store to read the book through the App.

The file is in a zipped folder.

  1. Download PUBREADER through your Android or Apple App Store
  2. Unzipped the zip file folder
  3. Open the XPUB file with the PubReader.
  4. Just click any picture with a speaker icon.
  5. It will sing the song or read you the phrase/vocabulary in Chinese that you pressed. Press any words you like to repeat.
  6. You can repeat the songs/phrases as many times as you like. If you have purchased our book, you can download our full soundtrack so your little ones can enjoy it at any time and anywhere.


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