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“Join us in this fascinating challenge of Second Language Learning and be part of the expanding bilingual community.”

Why Chinese?

Valuable Language Skill

Chinese is one of the oldest and widely used languages globally. There are over 1 billion people who understand Chinese. Mandarin is just one of the Chinese dialects and that’s the second most spoken “language” after English. Not only is learning Chinese crucial for breaking cultural barriers in a rapidly shrinking world, but it is also an invaluable tool when expanding career and business opportunities. 

The Diversity in the Language

Chinese characters, both simplified and traditional, are widely taught and used in many Asian countries, such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, etc. Similar to how English and Spanish are Latin-based, many Asian languages have their roots in ancient Chinese. However, there are considerable differences in how the language is spoken, used, and written. Therefore, understanding the Chinese language will help distinguish individualistic and unique cultures within the Asian community. That is, Asians are not the same.

Why is Second Language Learning Important?

Recently, the importance of learning a second language has garnered much attention in the parenting community. A study from Harvard University found that bilingual children in all stages perform better than their monolingual counterparts. Learning languages help children understand more complex rules and reasoning, leading to enhanced creativity and cognitive skills.

Children are like sponges; their ability to absorb new concepts should never be underestimated. They can easily be native speakers of more than one language if exposed at an early age. Adults have a more challenging time achieving a native tone at a later age. It’s never too early to introduce a new language to your little one. 

Why Imagine World?

Learning a second language like Chinese is challenging due to the lack of resources. It’s almost impossible for children without bilingual parents. Living in a busy modern society makes the introduction to language learning even more stressful. 

We created Imagine World to fulfill the needs of parents who want their children to be exposed to a second language. We are here to provide a gateway for families to learn Chinese in a stress-free environment. Anyone interested in learning a new language can easily navigate and learn from our book. By using our interactive features designed to help children comfortably speak the language. With music being an effective tool to learn languages, our songs are designed in simple words to meet everyday lingo so all family members can enjoy it. That means babies can fully benefit just from listening to songs in the book. Non-native adults can learn simple phrases alongside without the stress of pulling out a boring textbook. Young children can take advantage of the full interactive features in this book to boost their confidence in their second language learning skills.

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