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Imagine World: A Chinese Learning Book for Kids

Imagine World

A Chinese Learning Book for Kids

We want more than just children learning Chinese.
Imagine a world in peace. See our children learn with ease.
Despite our differences, we are the same. Learn, grow, and gain.

Rich Contents

Includes 22 pages of Chinese phrases and songs that are relatable to everyday life. Songs are in Mandarin. Audio and text are in both Chinese and English.

Music Matters

Comes with 16 nursery rhymes that are familiar to both cultures. Songs are carefully written and sung in Chinese to match the themes of the pages. 

Interactive Learning

Every page comes with a quiz option to let kids test their knowledge as they go. Questions can be asked in Chinese or English based on the comfort level of the child.

Quality Matters

This book is tested and complies with all the applicable standards under FCC, ISED, CPSC, and CCPSA. The pages are made of high-quality paper and polypropylene lamination for protection against winkles and moisture. 


Technically no, I created this book alongside my kids during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic. I came up with the name Imagine World in an attempt to foster understanding and acceptance of different cultures. A stressful period like this deepens cultural misunderstandings. However, I am hopeful and confident as a parent that we can do a better job teaching our kids to love unconditionally. Our true mission is to set examples and create a better world for generations to come. Even if this book is not for you, I sincerely hope we can still pass on the message: I imagine my world is yours, and yours is mine!



This is an electronic sound book the size of a laptop. It includes 22 pages of Chinese phrases and songs that are relatable to everyday life. Audio and text are in both Chinese and English to make learning easy and enjoyable. It is designed with bilingual families in mind. Non-Chinese speaking caregivers can effortlessly learn alongside their kids. 

We have 16 Chinese nursery rhymes with lyrics in Chinese, pinyin, and English translations.

  1. 你, 我 nǐ, wǒ (You, Me)
  2. 对不起 duì bu qǐ (Sorry)
  3. 早上好 zǎo shàng hǎo (Good Morning)
  4. 找朋友 zhǎo péng yǒu (Find Friends)
  5. 叫什么 jiào shén me  (What to Call)
  6. 爸爸的爸爸叫什么 bàbà dí bàbà jiào shén me (What do I Call My Dad’s Dad)
  7. 彩虹 cǎi hóng (Rainbow)
  8. 数苹果 shǔ píng guǒ (Counting Apples)
  9. 头, 肩膀, 膝盖和脚 tóu,jiān báng, xī gài hē jiǎo ( Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Feet)
  10. 如果你很开心 rú guǒ nǐ hěn kāixīn (If You’re Happy)
  11. 找老虎 zhǎo lǎo hǔ (Looking for Tigers)
  12. 小白兔 xiǎo bái tù (Litte White Bunny)
  13. 手啊转起来 shǒu ǎ zhuǎn qǐ lái (Wind the Bobbin Up)
  14. 水果蔬菜歌 shuǐguǒshūcàigē (Fruits and Vegetables)
  15. 巴士的轮子转呀转 bā shì dē lún zi zhuǎn ya zhuǎn (The Wheels on the Bus)
  16. 大象很大 dà xiàng hěn dà (Elephant is Big)


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