The name is dedicated to my kids because they will forever be my inspirations and my peach tots.

Book Journey

The Imagine World book project started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This book aims to help young kids explore and learn Chinese independently. We believe kids are smart; as long as we give them enough resources, they can flourish.

From the Author

Learning Chinese in an English-speaking community is difficult, especially when there aren’t many resources within our reach. Many of us don’t have access to bilingual schools. One of the struggles of teaching my kids Chinese in the US is constantly creating an immersive Chinese language and culture environment. How can I do that as a busy parent without contributing to extended screen time? How much time can they spare between school and other activities to learn another language before becoming overwhelmed?
As a mom and educator, I strongly advocate for repetition and consistency. The most effective way to excel is through guidance, practice, and repetition regardless of education method or background. Our sound book is created precisely with that goal in mind. The book has 16 written songs thoughtfully paired with the subject of each page to make learning more focused, memorable, and not overwhelming. It provides the initial steps to begin speaking, singing, and recognizing characters in Chinese.
I feel fortunate to start this book alongside my kids. I hope it will inspire many others’ interest in the Chinese language and culture that I love. Reading is always the best way to master a language, and this book is created as a gateway to introduce Chinese in a stress-free setting. I encourage you to join me in this fascinating challenge and be part of the expanding bilingual community.


Meet the Singer

Ayen He is an aspiring singer & songwriter currently studying for her master’s degree in music composition. She was born in Guangdong, China with fluency in both Cantonese and Mandarin. She started her journey in Beijing at age 18 and pursued her music career after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in engineering.  Although a late starter, she successfully published her first album Phototropism -向光性 in 2016 and What If Today-如果今日 in 2019.  She has appeared in numerous commercials, participated in competitions, and received awards throughout her career. If you would like to support or know more about her, please follow her on Youtube or Weibo

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